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From the Fall 1997 Watchdog Report

Funding Fundraising Opportunities

Unlike other charities that have programs to employ disadvantaged people as childcare workers, retail store clerks, landscapers, etc., The Native American Heritage Association (NAHA) hires American Indians “in areas of high unemployment and discrimination” to help solicit funds.

NAHA, which is based in Rapid City, South Dakota and leases office space in Orange, Virginia, claims to have employed 100 disadvantaged Native Americans, who are “primarily engaged in fund raising activities.” In its financial statements, NAHA includes the salaries of its Native Americans solicitors in program services and excludes them from fundraising expense. 80% or $1.7 million of its total cash programs cost in 1998 was spent on its Native American fundraising employment program.

NAHA continues to evolve and create more opportunities for its employees since it was formed in 1991 as Little Soldier Sioux Pottery, Inc. It began a bingo operation in October 1997 but closed it in May 1998 after incurring $135,000 in net losses. NAHA took over the assets and liabilities of The American Forum in 1994 and the Grant-A-Wish Network in January 1999. NAHA also reported in its financial statements that it is planning a Native American Museum in South Dakota.


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